3 Ways to Help Shush your Screaming Baby to Sleep


We’ve all been there, your baby is screaming and you’re about to lose your sh*$! What is a poor mama to do? All kids are different, but from my personal experience rocking them sweetly to sleep is not all its cracked up to be. My little man Jack just can’t get enough play time and won’t calm down for naps or bed. Here is my list of 3 ways to help shush your screaming baby to sleep.

Silly Simple Songs on Youtube

This channel is the best! It’s seriously crack for kids. I discovered it when Jack was a wee 2 months old from a friend of mine (thanks Courtney!). Ever since then, we have been getting down to “Baby Shark” and “Down by the Bay” almost everyday. How does this help baby go to sleep you ask? There are a few songs perfect for lullaby time. Silly Simple Songs even put them on repeat for 30 mins so you don’t have to worry about pressing play again. Here is baby Jack’s top 3:

Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Giraffe

This cute little bedtime soother works wonders for my little man. I actually bought it before Jack was born and played the music to my big, baby bump. Once born, he instantly took to it as his favorite lovey. I recommend everyone have this soother because it’s easy to travel with, it’s very soft, and most importantly the music isn’t annoying as can be. Only problem, what to do if you forget to pack the giraffe! 😨

Doterra Whale Diffuser

I was gifted this awesome and cute little whale from my parents for Christmas right after Jack was born. It has been a blessing. It not only fills the room with the calming scent of lavender (or whatever oil you desire), it also displays color changing stars around the ceiling and walls, and has many different sounds to choose from. I usually choose the ocean sounds, which not only puts Jack to sleep, but the whole family too!

Tip: Make sure the room is dark and cool while using this product, it helps to see the star show and is a more pleasant experience while enjoying the diffused oils.

The Doterra Whale Diffuser, a super cute sound machine and light show.

Bonus: Honest Organic Breathe Easy Rub

Rub this lovely smelling ointment on baby’s feet and chest and they will be calmed down in no time. The best part, you can use this product on baby as young as 3 months old. When my son is feeling extra cranky, I massage this on his chest in combo with one of the three methods I discussed above. It usually works like a charm. 👍 

Thanks for reading today. I hope I was able to help give you new ideas on how to get your little one to sleep a bit easier. If you know any other great ideas please share with me in the comments!

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