Lumberjack First Birthday


Today is a very special milestone. It’s officially been a year since I was blessed with the best gift a woman can receive, my sweet baby. Today is also bittersweet because my baby is now a little boy. Jack is officially a toddler, a very busy & happy toddler at that. To celebrate, we held a lumberjack themed party at his grandparents house in California. The party turned out great, so I want to share some photos with you and help out any other mamas thinking about doing a lumberjack party in the future.

To set up the lumberjack theme, I looked for anything and everything buffalo check. Luckily for me, it’s almost Christmas so this print is literally everywhere! I had the most luck at Hobby Lobby and Target, so go there first. Target also has a collection of log cut serving sets that are absolutely beautiful. I splurged a little and bought the whole set because I knew I would use it over, and over again. I also did a little shopping at Joanne’s to get yarn and felt to make a hand sewn S’mores set. Joanne’s also had tons of buffalo check, but I didn’t end up buying any because it looked too much like Christmas and not masculine like a lumberjack theme should be. Lastly, I bought a lot of digital downloads from Etsy. Etsy is truly a great resource for crafty moms who like a little DIY. I’ll put some photos of the party and some of the items I used below. Cheers & Happy Birthday Little Jack!

Jack’s custom S’mores cake made by Freed’s Bakery in Henderson, NV. They are so talented. The cake topper was made by me in photoshop. The red lantern is from Disneyland 🙂 The trees are from Hobby Lobby. The wood cutout serving platter and cupcake tray is from Target.
Homemade yellow cake cupcakes with buffalo check holders from Amazon and custom toppers I designed in photoshop. I will add them to my Etsy store in the future.
During the party we served lunch. We set up a chili bar, but instead of regular chili, we did Cincinnati chili. It turned out so yummy! There were no leftovers even though we served 10 pounds of beef, 6 pounds of spaghetti and 50 pieces of cornbread! be sure to plan ahead and make sure your guests don’t leave hungry. I always try to overestimate, never underestimate. I learned this from my father, thanks Dad 🙂
The fireplace with all the little lumberjack’s gifts. What a lucky little guy to be so blessed by friends and family.
Buffalo check pinata from Amazon. View on Amazon
Camp Bujazia! This is the tipi we bought Jack for his birthday and the felt S’mores set I made for jack.
I got the pattern for the felt S’mores from Lia Griffith. Her site is amazing for arts and crafts, be sure to check it out!
Homemade smash cake, made by mama for my little man. He is so funny and only used the fork. What a gentleman! High chair cover is from Amazon. View on Amazon
Pin The Beard on the lumberjack from Etsy. View on Etsy
For the adults, we labeled all the wine at the bar with these super cute lumberjack labels. View on Amazon
The S’mores sign I designed in photoshop. I will be adding this to my Etsy shop soon. My father also custom made a birchwood S’mores serving box for the party. It turned out gorgeous. You can see that below.
We set up the backyard like a campground and lit a fire to make S’mores. It was perfect weather to warm up by the fire. Not too hot or too cold.
Our final game just for the adults. We played “Chubby Lumberjack”, which is a take on the classic chubby bunny game, but instead you stuff your mouth with marshmallows and yell TIMBER! This game was a big hit.
Jack, the life of the party! When all was said and done, he was all tuckered out (Just like Mommy)! What a great time the party was and I really hope it was enjoyed by all in attendance. On to the next! 🙂

I hope my ideas and photos have inspired you to do your own lumberjack party for your little one. It’s such a fun theme! The best part financially is you can save a lot of the decorations to put out at christmas. If you have any ideas to add or any questions about our party let me know in the comments. Also, please share your lumberjack party photos with me in the comments as well. Cheers and happy birthday to my little baby Jack (forever my baby.. even if you are a toddler now)!

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